What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn how to choose the best color for your designs, the most suitable fonts, alignments, balancing, and more.

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How will this course help you?

  • Understand the essentials of graphic design

  • Learn the advanced graphic design terminologies

  • Move from beginner to intermediate level

  • Know the top design trends in 2022 and beyond

  • Inside view of world-class branding practices

Course Curriculum

  • 2
    Decoding Color Theory In Graphic Design
    • Color Psychology in Graphic Design
    • As Blue as the Sky
    • God's Green Earth
    • Born to the Purple
    • Red as a Cherry
    • Yellove
    • Squeeze an Orange
    • Barbie Pink
    • Black Gold
    • Summary
  • 3
    What Is Typography And How To Use it?
    • What is Typography and how to use it?
    • Design Elements of Typography
    • Typeface - Harry Potter, Interstellar and more
    • Hierarchy - McDonald
    • Alignment - McKinsey & Gartner
    • Whitespace - Land Rover
    • Colors - Remember Chapter 1
    • Typography Summary
  • 4
    How To Balance Your Graphic Design
    • Introduction to Balance in Design
    • What is Balance in Design?
    • Symmetrical Balance
    • Symmetry in Art
    • Brands using Symmetry
    • Asymmetrical Balance
    • Brands using Asymmetry
    • Chapter Recap
  • 5
    Mastering Hierarchy In Graphic Design
    • Mastering Hierarchy In Graphic Design
  • 6
    Why Alignment Matters In Graphic Design
    • Why Alignment Matters In Graphic Design?
  • 7
    Wrap Up
    • Wrap Up
  • 8
    Final Quiz
    • Graphic Design for Beginners Quiz

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